What is balayage ?

Aditi Vyas

Founder & Owner, Continuity Salon, Mumbai

What is balayage ?

The Art of Balayage: A Transformative Hair Colour Technique

Hi everyone, its Aditi here, owner of Continuity Salon and  Hair Artist based in Mumbai. I am thrilled to share my insights into one of the most popular hair colour techniques - Balayage.  I have witnessed the incredible transformations balayage can bring to Indian hair colours and types.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that originated in France and has taken the world by storm. The word balayage means to sweep in French, which perfectly describes the method used. Unlike traditional highlights that involve foil or cap placement, balayage is a freehand approach where the hair colourist paints or sweeps the colour onto the hair, creating beautiful, natural-looking highlights with soft transitions.

Balayage vs Highlights

Now, you might be wondering how balayage differs from traditional highlights. The key difference lies in the application method and the final result achieved.

Application Method

While both techniques involve adding lighter shades to the hair, balayage is hand-painted onto the surface of the hair in sweeping motions. Highlights, on the other hand, use foil or caps to enclose sections of hair, allowing for a more controlled application. Balayage offers more freedom for customization and creates a softer, more natural look.

Result and Maintenance

The results of balayage and traditional highlights also differ. Balayage creates a seamless, sun-kissed effect with softer regrowth lines, making it a low-maintenance choice. As the colour is painted further down the hair strands, regrowth is less noticeable, and touch-ups can be spaced out longer compared to traditional highlights.

The Advantages of Balayage for Indian Hair Colours and Types

Balayage is exceptionally versatile and suits Indian hair colours and types. Here are a few advantages of balayage for Indian hair:

1. Natural-Looking Highlights

Indian hair often has a naturally darker base colour. Balayage allows for the incorporation of lighter shades in a way that mimics the way the sun naturally lightens the hair. This technique creates a more natural and realistic look, enhancing the overall appearance of the hair.

2. Customisation

Balayage offers endless possibilities for customization. As a hair artist, I can tailor the placement and intensity of highlights to suit each individuals hair type, skin tone, and personal preferences. This ensures a unique and personalized result that complements the clients features.

3. Low-Maintenance

For those with busy schedules, balayage is a great choice as it requires minimal upkeep. The soft transitions between the highlights and the base colour make regrowth less noticeable, allowing for longer periods between touch-ups.

4. Hair Health

Balayage is a gentler alternative to traditional highlighting methods. As the colour is only applied to the surface of the hair without foils or caps, there is less strain on the hair strands. This reduces the risk of damage and promotes better hair health.


Balayage is a transformative hair colour technique that offers natural-looking highlights and a low-maintenance routine. With its ability to be customized for Indian hair colours and types, it has become a popular choice among individuals seeking a subtle yet stunning hair transformation. If youre looking to enhance your hairs beauty and embrace a sun-kissed glow, balayage could be the perfect choice for you.

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Aditi Vyas

Founder & Owner, Continuity Salon, Mumbai

Aditi is a hair artist and expert in hair care in Mumbai. Over 130k people follow her hair care tips on Instagram and a host of bollywood actors call upon her for hair care advice.